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Duck Hunting

We'll guide you through some of Northeast Arkansas's premier flooded rice fields and over 100 acres of flooded green timber to ensure you have a great hunt!

Our property is bordered on three sides by one of the few Wildlife Management Area’s in Arkansas with the ability to flood its timber. This allows our private property to be some of the best green timber hunting in Arkansas!

Green timber hunting is our first love, but sometimes conditions don’t allow for it to be as successful as the rice fields. That's why we give you several options to make sure you have the best chance at wackin' and stackin' some ducks.

The guides at Black River Lodge have over 30 years combined experience and are there to make sure you have a memorable experience. They will guide you to one of our private properties, so there is no need to compete for the best spot… you get first choice!

Duck season starts in November and goes through January. We will be available all season long to provide you with top-rate hunting!

A hunter standing next to a long row of ducks laid out on a fallen tree Four hunters standing next to the ducks they got that day

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